3 Design Tips for a Minimalist, Functional Home

Moving into a home comes with plenty of benefits, including more space than you would get in an apartment or townhouse. However, it’s important to use the space accordingly and avoid simply packing things into the home. Decorating the home involves considering a lot of factors, such as what kind of art you want and the look and feel you’d like throughout the home. To help, let’s look at tips from minimalist home experts to keep the home looking beautiful.

functional fine art

Keep Surfaces Clear

There’s nothing worse than constantly having to move a decorative item whenever you want to use a surface, which is why you should aim to keep surfaces clear or décor items. While it may seem counterintuitive to those that love décor, too much can lead to a feeling of clutter in the home. As a rule of thumb, if decorative items get in the way often then it’s best to consider removing or relocating them.

Keep It Functional

The furniture you choose for the home makes a big difference in the tone of the room. Since your furniture is likely going to be used very often, you should choose durable pieces that are functional as well as stylish. You can also consider adding functional fine art to the home to make it more unique and express your personality and style.

Leave Space

It may be tempting to fill your home to the brim, but this can end up making it feel crowded. Instead, try to leave extra space in the home so that there is enough room to move around and have fun – this is especially ideal for families. Avoid filling each and every corner with shelves, books, etc.

Using these design tips, you can begin decorating the home and make sure that it looks perfect.