3 Tips for Purchasing Antique Rugs

Investing in your home d├ęcor can seem frivolous at first, but these investments can lead to a home that looks beautiful and is comfortable and cozy. When it comes to rugs, you have thousands of choices ranging from cheap flea market rugs to beautiful antique rugs atlanta homeowners will love. Even though rugs get a lot of traction, when you find a high quality rug it can last for decades. Let’s go over some tips for finding an amazing antique rug for your home.

Buy from Direct Sources

If you’re going to be travelling, this may be the perfect time to find a beautiful rug. However, one mistake that many people make is going to the bazaar to find rugs. In some cases, you may come across scam dealers that work together to increase their sales and rip off tourists. Instead, do your research and find suppliers that are located away from tourist areas.

Asses the Rug

Before you start making any deals, you need to examine the rug and its craftsmanship. The first thing you should check is the edges of the rug, looking for frays that indicate it may not last long. You should also look for handmade rugs, as these are longer lasting. You can tell rugs are handmade if the front and back look identical. Ask the shopkeeper to flip the rug and you’ll know you’re buying something authentic.

Look for Flaws

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Flaws in a rug you’ve spent ample money on can be disappointing, so look for them before you buy. Listen to the sound that the rug makes, as improperly dried rugs will make crackling noises and feel similar to cardboard. Rugs can be painted as well, so it’s essential to make sure you’re getting an authentically dyed rug by rubbing a moist cloth against the rug and making sure none of the colors transfer onto the cloth.

With these expert tips, you can find a beautiful antique rug for your home.