What Horse Jump Cup Signifies

This short note as a basic and brief introduction to the equine trade wishes to quickly clear up just one spot of confusion which may arise for novices not yet near the saddle of a horse. The horse jump will not be something that the novice rider need concern himself with just yet. Because first he must learn how to ride the horse. But after a few weeks or months of training, then both horse and rider may be ready to negotiate the first jump.

horse jump cups

If not for the purposes of a showjumping event, or endurance event with obstacles deliberately placed in the way of both horse and rider, the horse jump, in actual fact, forms an important part of the horse and rider’s training. The beginner rider and his horse will of course begin with horse jumps of lower height before progressing a few millimeters higher. The placing of the horse jump cups onto the horse jumps itself is important and necessary.

The horse jump cup acts as an important safety measure for both horse and rider, particularly for the beginners. This is what the jump cup signifies. Even for the most experienced riders and their champion horses, this is always going to be a possibility. When in the process of negotiating a horse jump, there is always the possibility of the horse’s ankles clipping the fringes of the jump. But instead of the proverbial head-on collision occurring, the horse jump cup allows the horse jump to smoothly glide out of place.

And as it falls to the ground, both horse and rider can continue. The horse jump is utilized in training to help improve the coordination and fitness levels of the horse. It can also help improve riding skills.